BDD with Spock

BDD is a great concept.
It’s like TDD’s brother. Both share a lot of common ideas. TDD is started with focus on developers, while BDD trying to cover business side as well.
BDD tries to fill in the gap between business and technical, which kind of solution I’m looking for.

Most of BDD books and articles I found so far are promoting test frameworks like Cucumber/JBehave.
Those are awesome frameworks, but I still feels like there are still a lot of concerns need to be addressed.

This is great presentation. I have the same opinions with Kordas (slides 22).

I have been using Spock for writing tests. I am more or less agree with the opinion in presentation above.
But well, I still hope there will be better tools in the future (or vast improvements in current tools) that can smoothly bridge the gap between developers and business analysts without adding more complexity to both sides.

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