GrAngular – Grails & AngularJS (with Spring Security covered)

Please check my grangular project in GitHub.

My current implementation requires some modification & update to existing Grails plugins (Spring Security and angular resource).

  • Spring Security¬†plugin. Need the plugin to return 401 instead of redirecting to login form.
  • Angular resource plugin. I want to upgrade the plugin to use the latest angular JS (currently 1.2.0-RC3).

I’ll wait first until I get response for the pull requests before I start sharing more detail in this post.

Grails MyBatis

I’m rewriting one of existing application. It’s a messy Swing application. There’s no clear separation of concern. It makes direct JDBC calls from View , Controller, anywhere. It’s all over the places. WHAT THE FFHHH!!

My plan is as follow:

  • to move those SQLs to a separate application that serve the data via webservice APIs.
  • to replace JDBC call with ORM. I choose iBatis, well.. MyBatis.
  • to use Grails framework

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Grails & RESTful API

If you follow Grails development update, the community has put serious effort in bringing REST experience in Grails to next level. Check this JIRA progress.

Now that Grails 2.3.0M2 has been released, I’ve created simple (but not that simple) grails app that expose RESTful API using that new version.

The intention is to develop real application exposing REST APIs that will be consumed by Android application. I’ll share more once I created the android application and done some testings.

to be continued..