Functional Testing with Geb (webdriver with steroid) in Java Maven project


My company has existing Java enterprise project.  One of the project is web application developed using old version of Spring, Struts, & iBatis.

My task is to upgrade some of libraries & dependencies, make it works with Microsoft SQL (previously it runs only on top of Oracle DB), and deploy it to Tomcat instead of Oracle Weblogic. Basically, there will be changes but the UI will remain the same. UI will be the last part to upgrade.

Ideally, I can just reuse existing functional testing codes to make sure my modification doesn’t break existing code.

Unfortunately, the previous developer didn’t write a single test code.  So, I’m planning to start covering all the codes with tests, be it unit test, integration, and/or functional tests.


For this article, we’ll focus on writing functional testing code

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