JRebel FTW!

Is Java slow?  Yeah. But so what? We have JRebel!

Assuming we already have jrebel.jar in C:/jrebel-path/jrebel.jar, what we need to do is just two steps:

  • Tell JVM that we are using JRebel. How? Just add option: -javaagent:C:/jrebel-path/jrebel.jar. if we are developing web application (let say deployed in Tomcat), then we add this option in tomcat jvm options.
  • Add rebel.xml in the project classpath

For Java web project (Maven), we can put the rebel.xml in src/main/resources. Here’s the rebel.xml example

What’s next?

Start the tomcat, deploy, try updating something in your code, and see what happen in the browser.

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