We tend to go for quantity rather than quality

We?? Ok, I mean that’s just me and few other people.

Let’s take  Ramadhan as an example. In my community, people are having target like reciting the whole Qur’an (30 juz in Ramadhan). That’s really an awesome target.

However, we have a poor execution. Sometimes, we just don’t care much whether we achieve it by reciting it too fast that we ignore the rule of tajweed, not even knowing or willing to know what we read is about. Especially when we are in the last few days of Ramadhan and realize that we won’t make it in time if we go normal pace. Then we become sprinter. Hell yeah, we are actually pretty good at it.

If we think about it… We don’t realize that we are not showing good adab towards Qur’an, towards our Rabb. Continue reading